Steve Kerr First Choice for Golden State Warrriors

Updated: May 7, 2014

Steve Kerr is the choice for the front office to replace Mark Jackson, according to multiple sources.

The consensus with management is it’s Kerr’s job if he wants to take it, league sources told Sea Dubs Central.

This news comes hot on the heels of the firing of Mark Jackson a little over 24 hours ago.  While General Manager Bob Myers claimed the search for a replacement coach would be thorough, it’s no secret the team has been eyeing Kerr for quite some time.

Sources stated it’s a matter of Kerr’s willingness to come on board as well as management appearing as if they’ve done an exhaustive search for a replacement.

This would be the second consecutive hire for Golden State with a coach that has zero coaching experience.  What was once a hard sell for management the first go-around, it will be an even more difficult sell to bring in yet another coach that doesn’t have experience at the helm.

The idea with bringing on someone with such limited experience is management can mold that person into the ideal coach they want.  A heavy analytics guy, Lacob will want someone who is willing to look at the stats, something Kerr is not afraid of.  Russell Simon of caught up with Kerr at the 2014 MIT Sloan Sports Conference to discuss his thoughts on the analytics revolution, which were positive.

RS: …and talking a little bit about the conference, we’ve been here day one talking a lot about rebounding and a lot of the advanced metrics that have really taken on in the NBA. Being at Sloan, you really feel like basketball is at the forefront of the analytics revolution, would you agree?

Kerr: Oh yeah sure, people are crunching more numbers than ever trying to break down individual plays, teams, gameplans, there’s so much information out there. And the trick is to try to condense and figure out what’s important to you and your team, so I’m just here trying to learn more about it.

For a full transcript of the interview with Kerr, click here.